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How to Groom Standard Poodles in California

Grooming should be a comfortable experience for both owners and standard poodles in CaliforniaWhile you can always go to a professional groomer, learning how to do it independently can save you time, money, and resources. If done correctly, it could even be a bonding moment between you and your dog.

 Getting a standard poodle from a trusted breeder is the first responsible choice you’ll make if you ever decide to have one, followed by ensuring they are clean, healthy, and happy as they grow. Learn more about helpful grooming tips and advice in this article.

Small Everyday Steps

 You can practice basic grooming skills, like brushing, for at least a few minutes a day or every other day to help your pet get acquainted with the procedure. Don’t wait until the last possible moment to groom your dog. Mats in their fur can be very uncomfortable if not given proper attention.

Coat Care

Start taking care of your poodle’s coat while they are young. You can brush their fur, trim, or bathe them as often as needed so they can get familiar with the process as puppies. Grooming regularly can help them develop patience and discipline as they grow, two things that are also required of you as the owner if you choose to groom them at home. Just make sure you have the knowledge and all the proper tools needed to do the job right.

Nail Care for Dogs

You’ll know when to cut their nails if you hear them clicking on the floor as your poodle walks or plays around. Long nails can be uncomfortable, so trim them regularly using a standard clipper or grinder, depending on your preference.

Taking Care of Their Teeth

At-home dental care for your dog includes having them chew on something hard, such as bones and antlers. You can also brush their teeth regularly with a dog toothbrush or finger toothbrush. Don’t forget to schedule a vet visit once in a while to check for tartar buildup and other conditions you might have missed.

Ear Care for Poodles

Clean your dog’s ears regularly to avoid wax buildup by either plucking or trimming the hair that grows inside. You can also use an ear-cleaning solution to remove dirt, wax, and discharge in and around the ears.

Grooming for Shows vs. Pets

The grooming process is essentially the same whether you have a domestic standard poodle or one participating in shows. The only difference is that a specific cut is required for conformation dogs that is outlined by a governing body, such as the Poodle Club of America.