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The Difference Between Royal and Standard Poodles in California

Poodles make wonderful furry friends that provide tons of love and companionship. The two types of this beloved dog breed are royal and standard poodles. In California, they are quickly growing in popularity. But what are their differences, and which should you get from a dog breeder?

Same Breed, Different Size

Royal and standard poodles are not actually separate breeds, and there is no officially recognized difference between them. Royal poodle is simply an informal label referring to standard poodles that are larger than the typical size.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) defines the standard poodle as being 15 inches or greater at the highest point of the shoulders. Since the AKC doesn’t put a top limit on the standard poodle’s height, royal poodle is a useful name that makes it easier to refer to extra-large standard poodles.

What Sets Royal Poodles Apart

Although the AKC does not officially recognize royal and standard poodles as separate types, they still have a few differences due to the royal poodle’s bigger size.


The larger stature of royal poodles can result in a more stately and majestic appearance compared to their standard counterparts. If you prefer the regal bearing of a big dog, we recommend royal poodles.

Space Needs

Royal poodles require more space due to their size. Owners must ensure their pet has enough indoor and outdoor space to stretch their legs and move around without feeling cramped. This may mean having a larger home or access to open areas such as a spacious yard or nearby park. If you have access to ample space, royal poodles might be right for you.