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Breeding Large Royal Standard Poodles

   With early stimulation training, Diamond Show Poodles aims to develop royal standard poodles throughout California that are "High Achievers" using "BioSensor" Early Stimulation Techniques starting from 3 weeks old. Breeding quality poodle pups for the Show Ring, Service, Hunting, Tracking, Agility, and Companions for Life. We ensure that all our poodles are Healthy, Happy, and Loving Temperament for Premium Pets.   

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Purebred Poodles for Sale in Fresno, CA

Poodle puppies aren't just some of the cutest animals you will ever see, but they will grow into some of the most loving dogs you could own. Diamond Show Poodles understands just how great these furry friends are, which is why we are proud to provide purebred poodles for sale in Fresno, CA.

Large royal standard poodles make for great additions to your family, and our purebred poodle service ensures your dog is trained the right way for success. Through our "Bio Sensor" early stimulation techniques, we can develop high-achieving poodles that are ready for the show ring, service, hunting, tracking, and agility as well as for being companions for life. You have come to the right breeder when you are seeking healthy, happy, and loving temperaments for a premium pet.

"Those who appreciate the exceptional know that it's not available in quantity. What's left...the truly exceptional, is well-worth seeking out."

  • Diamond Show Poodles — Developing "High Achievers" Using "Bio Sensor" Early Stimulation Techniques from 3 Days Old
  • Breeding for the Show Ring, Service, Hunting, Tracking, Agility, and Companions for Life
  • Healthy, Happy, Loving Temperament for Premium Pets
  • 35 Years of Experience

Experience the joy of a purebred poodle!

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Dedicated Purebred Poodle Service

We love the large royal standard poodles and love being able to share them with people from across the country. All the poodle puppies we sell are AKC-registered throughout California and bordering states. As hobby breeders, we breed these puppies for the love of poodles and for furthering the line of the large royal standard poodle.

To ensure the quality and health of our poodles, we only breed once per year, which allows us to take great care and concern for the breed while also giving us the ability to provide each poodle puppy with the early training they need. This method is the best way to bring exclusive, exquisite, and exceptional royal standard poodles to families like yours!

Purchasing Your Poodle Puppies

Each royal standard poodle deserves the finest in care from a loving family. That is why our breeder takes great pains in not only the breeding and training process but also in finding loving homes for every puppy we have. To do this effectively, our breeder only offers pre-sold puppies.

This reservation process not only allows us to deliver the healthy puppies our customers expect but also to make sure that our puppies are going to homes that will treat them with the care, love, and respect they deserve. Our current poodle puppy prices include $5,000 Full AKC/Show and $2,500 Limited AKC puppy.

Did You Know?

Royal standard poodles are born to be part of the family thanks to their gentle nature and temperaments. The poodle is known for its superior intelligence and exceptional learning ability, making them great dogs to train and show. They are also known for their unique look. The poodle clip, however, is not merely decorative, though it may seem that way now. It is, in fact, a necessary clip that is meant to protect the joints and vital organs of the dog when they enter the cold water.

Why the protection from cold water? Standard poodles were bred to hunt and retrieve waterfowl. Poodles as hunting dogs may not seem so common now, but that is simply because their intelligence and eager-to-please temperament stole the show! In fact, all poodles possess wonderful swimming abilities, and their coat is adapted to water. That means it will begin to cord if left to grow naturally. So make sure your poodle puppy remains happy and healthy by keeping them active and that iconic poodle clip fresh.

Contact us at (559) 892-1646 to reserve your poodle puppy. We look forward to providing the finest in royal standard poodles from our home in Fresno, California.   


(559) 892-1646

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