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The Perks of AKC-Registered Puppies in California

The American Kennel Club (AKC) is the country’s oldest and most prestigious purebred dog registry. It confirms the ancestry of registered dogs to track their genetic makeup and bloodlines. At Diamond Show Poodles, we sell royal standard AKC-registered poodles that are healthy and loving. Find out why owning AKC-registered puppies in California is a rewarding experience, and contact us to purchase one.   

Benefits of AKC Registration

    • Participation in All AKC Events
    • Eligibility to Earn Titles Such as the Canine Good Citizen®
      • 30 Days of Pet Insurance Coverage
        • Complimentary First Vet Visit

          Importance of AKC Papers

          With AKC registration papers, you can determine whether the desired puppy has undergone excessive inbreeding. As puppies age, excessive inbreeding can cause genetic defects as well as temperamental issues. Many purebred dogs are ill or psychologically unstable due to excessive inbreeding.

           The majority of reputable breeders register their dogs with the AKC so that the owners of the following puppies can learn more about the genetic disorders of their dogs’ parents.

          Quality Not Guaranteed

          AKC papers do not guarantee the dog’s quality. A dog’s eligibility for AKC registration simply indicates that the breeder is in good standing with the organization. It also identifies the dog’s lineage and any common diseases they could suffer from due to hereditary health problems.